Stu Moment

Don't Look Forward to Flying with an Instructor? Let me tell you . . . most pilots have the latent ability to be a better pilot than me. 9000 hours of flying has just given me lots of practice and experiences (many humbling experiences.)

Flying with me is fun so make the decision to be an even better pilot and Let's Fly!

Instrument Checks are Fun.

As a Flight Instructor, my job is to make you Feel Great about your Flying Abilities.

I'll make you look forward to Instrument Re-Currency Training and Instrument Competency Checks.

You'll feel great about your aircraft control in various configurations.

You'll feel great about learning ways to simplify thinking about approaches, holds and emergencies.

You'll feel great about how you did approaches.

If you want to feel great about you're instrument skills give me a - text (who you are) -then - call.

For those pilots who don't have an instrument legal airplane, we'll fly my Colt.


You enjoy flying . . . can you enjoy your Flight Review?

A Flight Review is not a test.

FAA Advisory Circular 61-98B says "The CFI must be aware that the flight review is not a test or check ride, but an instructional service designed to assess and enhance a pilot’s knowledge and skills."

61-98B  also says, "Before undertaking the review, the CFI should interview the pilot to determine the nature of his or her flying and operating requirements."

I also ask you about areas you'd seek to improve . . . when you're done with your Flight Review you should feel GREAT! . . . and that's why FLIGHT REVIEWS ARE FUN.

Sod field pilots with whom I was very familiar, would get by in minimum time, one hour of ground and one hour of flight . . . $80 out of their pocket ($40 per contact hour).

BUT, I am finding more pilots who really want to improve their abilities and knowledge . . . and leave a Flight Review in great shape . . . like they just got out of the gym with a good trainer.

No matter who you use for your flight review, enable this approach.

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For those who'd like to reach me, text my phone and/or leave a message. I get many spam calls, so the 'text then call' system works best.

Stu Moment, 217-367-0288,

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PS: Should you have a plane-less acquaintance who would enjoy getting his feel of flying back at a budget price, I now have a good ole' Piper Colt in action. Makes people happy 'cause it's so easy to land. It goes for $135 per hour including me instructing . . . assume another $20 for a half hour of ground review.

Piper Colt